Therapy & Support for Professionals

Individual Therapy

Your humanness is welcome here. We believe wholly in the therapeutic process. Helpers are just as prone to suicidal thoughts as the general population – because we’re human too. All of our therapists have some kind of lived experienced with suicide: we’ve lost someone and/or we’ve lived through our own suicidal thoughts or attempts. As clinicians, we have unique needs — and often, we wrestle with more stigma when we seek help for our suicide experiences. We drop that stigma at the door and receive you as your whole self.

Rates for individual therapy for clinicians who are fully licensed are $155/session and start at $60/session for students and clinical interns. Therapy is provided through our therapy practice, The Semicolon Group PLLC. You can contact us at either site to inquire!

Grief After Suicide Support Group

Grief After Suicide groups for clinicians are groups of professionals who have lost a client or clients to suicide. The group is facilitated by The Semicolon Group PLLC, an independent clinical practice that works exclusively with suicide and the only practice of its kind in the United States. We are experts in the fields of suicide loss and suicide intensity.

Groups offer a place for healing in the unique and complicated grief of losses by suicide, in a space where participants can talk about it free of judgment and without stigma. Participants overcome trauma and feelings of guilt and develop tools to help them cope more effectively with their loss. Potential topics also include discussions around suicide screening and intervention, risk assessment, and documentation. This group is open to professionals from any field, including students and clinical interns.

Grief After Suicide groups for clinician are open groups and are offered once/month. Participants can join for one session or for any duration. Group rates are $35/group session. There is no cost for the intake session.